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Last part of the adventure story. Let's try to write our own story inspired by this one. No more than a page.

For today's activity, you will read the final part of our adventure story. This is all you need to do. Read, use your strategies and be reassured that I will read it aloud tomorow. 

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We are once more embarking in the adventure in wich we are the hero. Only a couple chapters till the end!

La pause de notre roman d'avanture continue. Je travaille demain à l'école et n'aurai peut-être pas le temps de répondre à tes questions.

J'ai compté les votes et nous allons faire l'ambuscade. Comme une personne à dit: Selon moi, il manque d'action et nous devons essayer de faire quelque chose.


Voici tes choix du jour:

1. Jeu de compréhension: Aide l'agent Jean


2. Jeu de logique (compréhension)


Posted: April 30, 2020

Posted: April 30, 2020

A little break from all the reading we have been doing! This game of Spot It will practice your vocabulary, online dictionnary abilities and feminine/masculine. I suggest that you put on a timer and try to figure as much as you can in 30 minutes. Next time we play try to beat your own score!

Here is a clue:

a feminine (n.f.) word will take la, l' or une in front of it: a leaf translates to une feuille and the leaf translates to la feuille.

a masculine (n.m) word will take un, l', or le in front of it: a maple translates to un érable and the maple translates to l'érable.

If you are writing (the) le/la in front of a word and the following word starts with a vowel, you will not write the full Le/la, but l': ex. L'érable.

An other step to our adventure story. Please note that all the chapters are narated, I did two yesterday to catch up from the technical glitch. We are now at part 4.

Today, we listen to part 3 of our hero's adventure narative. 

I had technical difficultuies, so for today you will read the next chapter of our Fortnite adventure story. If it takes too long, keep the words to find for an other day. I wish I was there with you to evaluate this. Miss you. Mme Michaud

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Posted: April 26, 2020

Today's task is to listen to my reading of an adventure story and giving your opinion on what should hapen next.


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