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Message from Minister: French Learning Programs PDF icon 03-03-2023_parents_and_guardians.pdf Mar 9, 2023
FAQ regarding Inclement Weather PDF icon inclement_weather_qa_nov_22.pdf Nov 15, 2022
Inclement Weather Letter PDF icon inclement_weather_letter.pdf Nov 15, 2022
Safe Arrival Info and FAQ and Computer Use Agreement PDF icon safe_arrival_and_computer_use_agreement.pdf Sep 9, 2022
Bus Planner Information PDF icon bus_planner_info.pdf Sep 7, 2022
EWG Handbook 2022-2023 PDF icon ewg_handbook.pdf Sep 7, 2022
EWG Info. Handouts First Days 2022-2023 PDF icon 2022-23_ewg_info.pdf Sep 7, 2022
Lifting of Mandatory Order

Removal of many Covid 19 restrictions

PDF icon Removal of many Covid 19 restrictions Mar 4, 2022
Letter from Superintendent Jan 28 PDF icon jan_28_message.pdf Jan 28, 2022
Pfizer Vaccine Clinics for Ages 5-11

We are sharing this list of upcoming Pediatric Pfizer (5 to 11 years of age) appointment availabilities across New Brunswick, for your information.” Please Note: There are no clinics in our immediate area.



PDF icon pediatric_pfizer_upcoming_clinics.pdf Jan 20, 2022
8EFI Schedule PDF icon 8efi.pdf Jan 10, 2022
8EN2 Schedule PDF icon 8en2.pdf Jan 10, 2022
8EN1 Schedule PDF icon 8en1.pdf Jan 10, 2022
7/8EFI Schedule PDF icon 7-8efi.pdf Jan 10, 2022
7EN Schedule PDF icon 7en.pdf Jan 10, 2022
6/7EN Schedule PDF icon 6_-7en.pdf Jan 10, 2022
6EN Schedule PDF icon 6en.pdf Jan 10, 2022
6EFI Schedule PDF icon 6efi.pdf Jan 10, 2022
Message from the Superintendent

A message from Mr. Mark Donovan, superintendent of ASDN.

PDF icon update_to_families_january_7.pdf Jan 7, 2022
Holiday Letter from the Superintendent Dec. 22 PDF icon holiday_letter_for_asd-n_families_dec_22.pdf Dec 23, 2021


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