Extended reading activity for the early finishers and what to expect until the end of the year!

Posted: June 3, 2020

Every one look at their school emails. I have sent you yet another letter! Here are the general lines:

How has your reading been going? Here is an extended reading activity for the early finishers and what to expect until the end of the year!

I chose an easier read, and maybe shorter too, in the hopes you would search for those technical scientific words you don’t know. So, if you are done reading already, you can do that search, and make a glossary of those difficult words. You can also read about the country you chose last week and about the animal too. Look for fun cultural facts or special ways people and animals use to adapt to their environment (weather, camouflage, hunt... )Take notes in your Journal.

If you are still in the process of reading the texts, it’s ok too.

Here is an idea of what I have in mind for you until the end of the school year… In less than two weeks!

So, you have until Thursday to do the reading and the extra suggestions. On Friday, I prepared a fun scavenger hunt/riddle type game for you related to biodiversity. Next week, I have a special graphic novel I will be reading to you in the company of Mrs. Kirby (in our new classroom setting). I plan to do this MondayTuesday and Wednesday. The book is called Le Zoo Pétrifié. I will also give examples and directives for a little art activity. Thursday, I will give you a tiny writing piece of maybe 4 sentences related to this collective project I have been making you work on in the last month. Finaly, Friday I will be setting up some Videoconference meetings of 4 or 5 students for the ones of you who want to try that out, and share the animal/culture project they did and just talk to friends!


Stay tuned for the scavanger hunt / riddle game is comming Friday!


Mme Michaud