Grade 6 May 25/26 Ratio Concepts

Posted: May 25, 2020

There are 3 worksheets attached with answers.

1. lowest term ratios-  write the ratios in lowest terms by dividing both terms by the same number

ex.   15:25  look for a common factor of 15 and 25.  Both can be divided by 5 to get 3: 5 .  3:5 is the ratio in lowest terms because 3 and 5 do not have a common factor to divide by.

2.  creating equivalent ratios-   find the number that is multiplied or divided by one term to get the other terms.  Do the same to the other term to find the missing term of the ratio

ex.   3: 4 =  6:  __     The first term is multiplied by two to get 6 in the second ratio, so multiply 4 by the same factor (X2) to get 8 for the missing term.

3.  understanding ratio problems-  Set up the ratios, find equivalent ratio and write solutions in lowest terms

ex.  The ratio of dogs to cats is 7:3.   If there are 35 dogs, how many cats?    

Set up:   

Dogs: Cats

7   :    4

35  :   __   

7 is multiplied by 5 to get 35, therefore multiply 4 by 5 to get the equivalent ratio.

There are 20 cats.