Homeschooling Advice

Posted: March 17, 2020

Just a few tips about homeschooling based on a few years spent in the trenches... lol

1. Remember that in school a teacher may get to your child once or twice during a class period, depending on class size. One-on-one for a half hour is intense and tiring. 

2. The average attention span in adolescence is about 15 minutes. Switch activities often and take breaks.

3. There are many types of learners. Kids love to move, build, and create whenever possible. Walking in the woods and learning the names of trees and birds, or looking through flyers planning and budgeting for a meal are great lessons too!

4. Mornings are generally the best learning times; maximize if possible!

5. Middle school classes are usually about 50 minutes long, so avoid marathon sessions.

6. Establish a routine (time, place, breaks and duration) and try to stick with it as much as possible. 

7. The computer is not evil! Google is an excellent teacher!

8. Try to have fun as much as possible! As I tell the teachers, our objective is not to make them hate math or literacy, it’s to develop life-long, future-ready learners.

9. Keep lists to under 10 items. Lol


Good luck! Take this time to bond and “get to know” your middle-schooler. They’re great kids!



EWG subscribes to online current event magazines from LesPlan. They also have free samples that parents could use with their children over the next couple of weeks (if desired). I’ve asked for permission to share the copyright passwords for all current issues and am waiting for a reply. Stay tuned!